Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal Calculator

Binary? Check. Decimal? Check. Hexadecimal? Check.
All three bases at the same time? Check.

If you’ve ever needed to know the result of integer calculations in Binary, Decimal or Hexadecimal notation, all at once, look no further. The calculator allows values to be entered in any of the three base formats (Base2 - Binary, Base10 - Decimal or Base16 - Hexadecimal) making the calculation of 10 + 10 + 10 = 28! [This would be entered as 10b + 10d = 12 + 10h = 28d] The calculator displays all three base formats at once, with the top line showing 16bit Binary, and the bottom line being shared between Decimal and Hexadecimal. The base format can be changed on the fly, completely at will, during any part of the data entry. Whichever base mode is active is displayed and only the relevant key values for the active mode are allowed, so in Binary, only the ‘1’ and ‘0’ keys can enter values, for Decimal ‘0’ to ‘9’ and for Hexadecimal ‘0’ to ‘F’. The calculator can perform simple Logical calculations such as ‘And’, ‘Or’, ‘Xor’ and ‘Not’. The display can be set to ‘Animate’ the calculations which is very entertaining, but very, very slow as each step in the calculation is shown using very basic arithmetic. 1541 + 6543 would take 6543 steps to calculate as 1 is added to 1541 then displayed, 1 added to 1542 - displayed, 1 added to 1543 ... and so on for a total of 6543 times before the answer is finally displayed. Fun, but slow! Initially the calculator will perform calculations using 16bit, (unsigned) integer maths. This gives a maximum value of 65535d, FFFFh or 1111111111111111b. Any values greater than this simply overflow and start again from zero. 65535d + 2d = 1d. If you don’t need to see the binary values, it can be switched to use 32bit (unsigned) integer maths where the maximum value is 4,294,967,295d or FFFFFFFFh. The choice is yours. I have a few PCBs available and can supply programmed processors, if you are interested, drop me an email.


Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal Calculator.

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