Simple MP3 Jukebox

A really simple MP3 player.
On board speakers.
uSD or USB.

The MP3 JukeBox has an easy to understand display, five buttons, two small loudspeakers, and not a whole lot more, yet manages to cram in quite a few features. It can play files from a uSD card or USB flash drive (up to 64Gb tested) with a limit of a maximum of 9,999 tracks. The tracks can be played in sequence, single repeat or random modes. Tracks can be stepped through forwards or backwards, including the random mode (up to 9 tracks backwards in random) where going back 5 tracks will replay the same five tracks before true random play re-commences. If the unit is switched off while playing, when next turned on, playback will start with the same track automatically. The audio can be fed out of a standard 3.5mm headphone/auxiliary socket in stereo at high quality. I use mine as the sound source for a small medium wave transmitter that supplies my vintage valve radios with a music station 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. This has 7,500 tracks loaded on it, set to random. A small number of PCBs are available, and I can supply programmed processors if required, send me an email for details.

MP3 Jukebox

Simple MP3 Jukebox

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