Retrograde Clock

Inspired by the gorgeous Resrvoir Watches, this is a fascinating clock to watch.

MkEDS have designed an(other!) innovative clock. I'd love a watch from RESERVOIR Watches. Inspired by the designs, I decided to make my own. Not quite wrist sized, but still with that clever retrograde minute hand time keeping action. The hand moves from "zero" to the "sixty" minute position, once the minutes reach sixty, the hand rotates anticlockwise, back to zero and the hour indicated on the LED display progresses to the new hour. Built using a single standard servo motor and some creative PCB design to show the LED display mounted behind the clock face. The software is available on the Great Cow Basic forum: Retrograde Clock

Two videos try to illustrate the concept better than my words do.
A short fifty second video shows the last few seconds of 1:59 and the transition to 2:00.
A longer video shows one whole hour of the clock, condensed into sixteen minutes.

A short video.

A 50 second video showing the minute hand moving from 1:59 to 2:00.

A longer video.

A whole hour of the clock, condensed into 16 minutes.

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